CECNE offers our clients an educational advantage the ability to utilize the educational resources of over 290 prestigious educational institutions in Canada.

Why Canada?

Canada is chosen frequently as a source for provision of education related projects by governments, corporations and educational institutions across the globe for a number of reasons:

  • Canada is often cited as being the most multicultural nation in the world. The diversity of the population ensures that our experts are exposed to a wide variety of cultures and demonstrate knowledge of, and sensitivity to other cultures.
  • The Canadian education system is one of the best in the world. Canada spends more money per capita on education than any other G7 country. The result is an excellent quality education program administered by high quality professionals.
  • Canadian educational institutions are renowned for having delivered comprehensive projects in areas such as Train the Trainer, Competency Based Skills Training, Competency Based Preparation Programs, Information Technology and Computer Training, Curriculum Development, School Management and Leadership, Education Planning & Finance, and Education Technology.