CECNE has extensive experience in institutional strengthening, capacity building and infused learning. CECNE’s clients include private organizations, government ministries, departments and agencies. CECNE has established strategic alliances with international institutions and firms in order to provide its clients with a broader range of expertise and services.

The specific services provided by CECN/Educonsult include:

  • Program Planning and Curriculum Development
  • Review of existing programs and design of new program structures to ensure that academic offerings appropriately
    serve the needs of students and the community
  • Preparation of program outlines and course descriptions, including learning objectives, learning resources, teaching aids, course sequence, program pre-requisites and instructional methods
  • Staff planning, training and recruitment
  • Assessment of appropriate numbers and categories of instructional staff based on program requirements
  • Determination of appropriate administrative and
    support staff requirements
  • Outline of options, policies and procedures for
    the recruitment of staff
  • International and/or local recruitment of all categories of staff, including advertising, application processing, interviewing, assessment, ranking and selection of candidates, reference checking, contract preparation,
    logistics and orientationof new staff; and
  • Development and delivery of staff training programs
  • Infused IT Training
  • Infused Technology Consulting: Needs assessments, strategic planning, design, delivery and implementation of programs for educational institutions and organizations
  • Customized training programs
  • Retraining programs for science and engineering
    students and employees
  • Information Systems: System Analysis Design and programming,
  • Information Technology training to support community development programs;
  • Information and Communication Technology training from
    basic office technology to complex software development methods (focus on technical, analytical and entrepreneurial skills)
  • Needs Assessment
  • Completion of needs analyses to determine the specific education/training requirements of an organization
  • Selection of themes for conferences and topics for seminars/presentations including the recruitment of international and local speakers/presenters