Leadership Development - Shadowing Project for leaders, managers, trainers and employees

CECNE has access to a client base of over 290 Canadian Institutions ranging from Language Schools to Universities. This tremendous resource gives CECNE the opportunity to develop innovative and value-driven programs that meet the professional development needs of international professionals. For example: CECNE has developed a client-specific shadowing program that allows international professionals to work side-by-side with a professional in a similar field in the host country or in Canada. The benefits are tremendous and the professional development outcomes unmatched with any other program designed. In addition to the shadowing program, onsite, international certification programs can be delivered to maximize learning outcomes. Simply: there is no better way to learn than by experiencing the moment to moment activities of a profession.

Summer Program for Students

CECNE understands that the opportunity to study abroad as a student is one that will offer any student excellent linguistic and cultural opportunities. The memories will last a lifetime, as well as benefit the individual student and his sponsoring country.

CECNE had developed a summer program that incorporates classroom learning, cultural tours, daily and multiple-day excursions with other international students from a variety of countries. Interaction with other participants is guaranteed to significantly expand each student's ability to communicate in their second language, plus the opportunity to experience first hand a new culture in a safe and culturally diverse environment.

One of the highlights, and keys to the student's ability to improve their language skills, is that all students live with Canadian families in what is called the “home-stay” program. Every student has his/her own private bedroom and becomes an integral part of the family. These relationships have often lasted for many years after the program. These families take on the responsibility of parenting, caring and supervising the students.

Of particular note is that enrollment is strictly limited to a maximum of two to three students from any one linguistic group in any one class. This is critical in promoting learning, as all students must utilize English at all times. Class sizes range from 10-15 students. Therefore, since timing is important, any interested family is encouraged to act as soon as possible.